With a home being one of the largest investments someone will make, having great looking clean carpets goes a long way in preserving that investment. At Reunion Carpet Care, we pride ourselves on providing deep carpet cleaning services that will remove dirt and grime that you didn’t even know existed. While also providing an environmentally friendly carpet cleaning process that will leave your carpets looking like new.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Our Results Speak For Themselves. No Longer Pay Good Money For Lackluster Results.

Reunion CC provides upholstery cleaning services that restore fabric fibers and enhance the appearance of your furniture. By thoroughly inspecting each piece, we are able to remove dirt, allergens and stains from upholstered surfaces while using gentle cleaners for fabrics like leather or microfiber.

Our effective process is designed to dry within a few hours. The specific upholstery fabric will determine the method we use for cleaning, and the dry time may vary depending on the type of fabric. However, our typical dry time ranges from 1-5 hours.


Carpet Cleaning

We are proud to say that we have been servicing Colorado for over a decade.

Our technicians have all the latest equipment to clean your carpets, including our new “deep-clean” technology which gets deep down into the pile of your carpeting and removes dirt you didn’t even know was there! We also proud to offer a non-toxic, solution that gets great results all while being safe for your kids, pets and the environment.

That’s why we created a new way to clean carpets that is fast and environmentally friendly – all while still getting great results!

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Pet/ Odor Control

Your family’s four legged best friend can be your carpets worst nightmare. If your pet has an accident or gets sick on the carpet, it can ruin not only your flooring but also other layers of material. In severe cases, their urine may have soaked through to the tackstrips and even into lower levels of floors such as tile or concrete. While some spots can be cleaned with basic methods like normal cleaning for carpets or deodorizing sprays for fabrics; more serious incidents require chemical treatments that work in deeper level surfaces than usual cleaners allow.

Even if you take great care when training your pet about using certain areas inside before going outside while they’re getting used to being house trained , sometimes accidents will happen.

At Reunion CC we have a specialized method that gets deep down into those areas to pull out pet stains and remove odors all together.

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When carpets look dirty or dingy—or you’ve just spilled a glass of red wine on your area rug—you may need to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. Carpet cleaning companies will make your carpets look great again by removing pet stains, dander, dirt, and grime. Plus, professional carpet cleaning minimizes mold, bacteria, and allergens that can lodge deep in dirty carpets. 

Estimates from professional carpet cleaning companies typically include labor, equipment, and supplies, but prices can vary depending upon the amount of work involved and cleaning methods used. 

Before requesting quotes from multiple carpet cleaning companies, be ready to share how many rooms you want cleaned, and the square footage of each. 

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